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me and a gun

18 November 1980
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Just trying to figure IT all out.
28 days later, a sand county almanac, adult swim, amon tobin, aqua teen hunger force, art, asheville, azure ray, beck, beer, bikes, bjork, books, brak, brazilia, breakfast at tiffany's, carrboro, catcher in the rye, cellos, chapel hill, christmas lights, crooked fingers, cursive, daria, decemberists, design, edward scissorhands, empire of the sun, environment, environmentalism, fahrenheit 451, fear and loathing, feminism, fight club, godspeed you black emperor, graphic design, graphics, health, hiking, home movies, horror movies, illustrator, invader zim, ishmael, jogging, johnny cash, legend, local, meditation, middlesex, mountains, movies, music, my so-called life, neutral milk hotel, new order, nine inch nails, nirvana, non-vegetarianism, north carolina, office space, organic, photoshop, pj harvey, plants, portishead, pretty in pink, procrastination, publication, pulp, radiohead, random craziness, reading, red wine, requiem for a dream, rilo kiley, running, rushmore, scorpio, sealab, sex, simpsons, six feet under, sixteen candles, sleater kinney, smashing pumpkins, sorry about dresden, space ghost, strangers with candy, the bell jar, the beta band, the brady bunch, the breakfast club, the daily show, the dark tower series, the faint, the handmaid's tale, the martian chronicles, the missing piece, the office, the pixies, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the talisman, the violent femmes, the white octave, thunder storms, tori amos, trees, twin falls idaho, twin peaks, unc, vegetarianism, vodka tonics, water, watership down, weezer, weirdness, whiskey, wine, x-mas trees